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This deviation was deleted

(this is my first critique)
I've only just gotten used to being a teenager, so I guess the times when I used to play pretend isn't so far behind me. (sometimes I still do xD)

It's written as if you knew those memories vividly, and it helps the reader create flashes of memories that they've, not forgotten, but kept at the back of their mind, treasuring the days of freedom and innocence.

The poem gives me a number of feelings. It reminds me of my experience when I was younger, back in New Zealand, where I'd used to play in the small forest near our house, pretending to be a jungle explorer or a monkey (I have this massive scar on my leg when I feel off a tree. ._. ouch.)
I kind of miss those days, you've showed me how much of a free and inventive childhood I've had. thanks for reminding me, it totally made my day.
(aksjfhk that was a horrible critique. //smacked)
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